AVloops Pricing

*This offer is valid until January 1st 2018

Personal License: the Buyer acquires the right to use the Content for private, non-commercial purposes only, and to reproduce it to the extent required for its use. Any use beyond this scope, in particular, the physical distribution and making available to the public (e.g. on the Internet) of the Content or any copies or arrangements thereof is not permitted.

Commercial License: the Buyer acquires all rights granted under the Personal license as well as the following additional rights

  • the right to use the Content also for commercial purposes (e.g., for advertising, commercials, music video, film, TV program, live tour package, theater)
  • the right to alter or rearrange the Content and to make copies of such rearranged Content
  • the right to exhibit and to communicate, in particular, to make the Content and any arrangements thereof available on the Internet